Licensing system to register online


Notification No. 1194 / TB-CTS dated 09/06/2010 on the implementation of licensing system to register online (details)

1 Address to access the registration system through the network license


  2 If no login account, you register your unit using the system account "online registration license" at the following address:


   * Fill out the form, print and submit the documents along to:

Technical Center - Department of Radio frequency - Address: 115 Tran Duy Hung - P. Trung Hoa - Cau Giay District - City. Hanoi.

3 Documentation manual registration system over the network license

   * User manual https security licensing system to register online

   * User manual registration system over a network license

4 For further information, please contact

   * Assign and Licensing Division underlay frequency Tel: 04.35564870 or 04.35564932 or 04.35564919 (ext 413).

   * Technical Center_DT: 04.35564.919 (ext: 614)

  * Fax: 04.3.5564.966

  * Email: