First-ever 5G demonstration in Viet Nam


( On July 12, 2017, in Ha Noi, The Authority of Radio Frequency Management (ARFM) and Ericsson Company in Viet Nam have jointly held the workshop on "5G and IoT accelerating digital Viet Nam towards Industry 4.0” and the first-ever 5G demonstration in Viet Nam. Minister of the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) Truong Minh Tuan attended and delivered the opening remarks.

Attending the workshop were ex-Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Do Trung Ta, ex-Director General of Postal Bureau Mai Liem Truc, ex-Deputy Minister of MIC Le Nam Thang; Representatives of agencies and units under MIC; Representatives of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Public Security, Embassy of Sweden and Telecommunication enterprises in Viet Nam.

Panorama of the Workshop

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Minister Truong Minh Tuan emphasized that telecommunications and information technologies in Viet Nam have a very important mission, playing a key role in the infrastructure for the development of the 4.0 revolution. Coming up with this trend, along with the development of network and information security telecommunications infrastructure and information technology, the operators are also pushing the research work, deploying new applications under the trends of technologies, such as: cloud computing, IoT, smart cities, big data, artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

Providing and supporting broadband with high access speed not only aims to develop mobile information but also promotes IT development in various fields of social life such as management of intelligent transportation, intelligent health, intelligent education, especially in manufacturing industry, services in the era of the fourth industrial revolution. This is one of the content, which the Prime Minister recently reminded and directed all the Ministries, branches and localities concerned to implement.

Minister of MIC Truong Minh Tuan delivered his remarks at the Workshop

Minister Truong Minh Tuan hoped that participants of the workshop would be provided with more information on 5G; directly see the demonstration of 5G technology and the latest applications of 5G. This is also an opportunity for the state agencies to learn and develop appropriate policies to promote 5G technology in Viet Nam in the shortest time.

"As the governing body for information and telecommunications, I highly appreciate ARFM, which actively and proactive collaboration with Ericsson to organize the workshop and demonstration 5G technology today. This is a proactive step for us to grasp 5G technology", said Minister Truong Minh Tuan.

At the workshop, Director General of ARFM Doan Quang Hoan said that the year 2015 the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) had adopted recommendations on the vision of the 5G (IMT-2020), with the three most important goals that is to continue to develop ultra-wideband access, support IoT and M2M access with extremely high traffic and density and ensure connections with ultra-high reliability and extremely low latency. In February 2017, 5D study group of ITU had completed a draft report on technical requirements and minimum exploitation of 5G and is expected to be adopted by the ITU in October this year.

Mr. Doan Quang Hoan – Director General of ARFM delivered his speech at the Workshop

At present, 5G is in the process of formulating and finalizing standards for commercialization by 2020. 5G trials are underway in many laboratories, many companies; commercial pilot projects for 5G will be made at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Seoul (Korea) and Summer Olympics in Japan.

“The early introduction of 5G technology ideas to managers, mobile communications businesses, research and training institutions is essential for them to visualize and prioritize management policies, including frequency management; early shaping the pattern of application development and service business; early ideas for training human resources ahead for the deployment of 5G in the future" - Director General Doan Quang Hoan emphasized.

Mr. Denis Brunetti, General Director of the Ericsson company Vietnam and Myanmar shared: 5G technology will offer the capability to deliver high speed, low latency mobile broadband services, including live 4K video directly to mobile handsets. It will also enable the rollout of advanced citizen services, from improved access to nationwide healthcare services, intelligent transportation systems, including self-driving cars, along with new innovations in many areas such as financial services, energy and public safety.

Mr. Denis Brunetti, General Director of the Ericsson company Vietnam and Myanmar delivered his speech at the Workshop

Ericsson Viet Nam demonstrated live 5G demo-system with Massive MIMO technology achieve 5G download speed (5.8Gbp/s) and with ultra low latency; demonstrations including enhanced virtual reality applications, 4K video streaming and innovative IoT applications;…

Minister of Information and Communications Truong Minh Tuan controls a robotic arm in real time by the movement of hands and fingers

Representatives from Ericsson said that the workshop and demonstration is part of Ericsson's ongoing commitment to Vietnam in continuously introducing the latest innovations and support the Vietnamese government's industrial revolution 4.0.

Hong Hanh

((Translated from ARFM News))