Vietnam hold the 2nd Meeting of the APT Preparatory for PP18 (PP18-2)


( From January 30 to February 2 in Hanoi, Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC), S.R. of Vietnam coordinated with Asia Pacific Telecommunity (APT) hold the 2nd Meeting of the APT Preparatory for PP18 (PP18-2).

90 representatives for APT’s 18 member countries, 4 coordinated members including APNIC, ISOC, GSMA, ICT international companies, international and regional organizations including ITY, ATU, CITEL, ICANN…

Deputy Minister Phan Tâm welcomes delegates

On behalf of Ministry of Information and Communication, S.R. of Vietnam, Deputy Minster Phan Tâm welcomes delegates from Asia Pacific Telecommunity (APT)’s member countries including policy maker, regulators and other stakeholders to Hanoi and hoped that having a fruitful and productive Preparatory Meeting of the Asia Pacific region for the ITU Plenipotentiary (PP-18).

Deputy Minister said that preparing for the Conference in Dubai from October 29 to November 16, APT members have been working actively to make valuable contributions, on wide range of issues, and hence to promote the important role of the region in global ICT development.

He also affirmed that as one of the active members of APT, Vietnam has committed to work closely with other members to promote ICT development in Asia - Pacific region. In Vietnam national plans, Vietnam has been working to make the best use of ICT to creat new driving forces for sustainable and inclusive growth in the country. We have seen that APT members have a lot to learn form each other and to share our views and experience in developing and realizing our national ICT plans. And when we work together, we will have many valuable contributions to development of global ICT, and, of course, many proposals and inputs to ensure the success of the next ITU PP.

On behalf of APT and all delegates, Secretary General of APT Areewan Haorangsi expressed many thanks to MIC for holding the meeting.

She said that 14th Session of the General Assembly of the APT (GA-14) held in Bangkok last year adopted the Strategic Plan of the APT for 2018 - 2020 which serves as the guideline for APT’s activities of this 3-year period. One of the Strategic Pillars is “Partnership” where one of its objectives is to take the leading role in shaping the development agenda and consolidating regional views on ICT issues.

With this objective, APT continues to provide members with opportunities to develop agenda of interest to members and to consolidate regional view in preparation for ITU conferences, assemblies and meetings. APT also explores the possibility of consolidating regional views on topical issues as the arise through various APT Preparatory Groups, including this APT Preparatory Group for PP-18.

“The importance and the role of regional organizations are increasing for the preparation of major ITU conferences. APT has been trying to contribute to the success of ITU conferences by submitting and number common proposals”, Secretary General emphasized.

Overview of the 2nd meeting

APT’s preparation process for PP-18 in the form of regional preparatory meetings started in June in Thailand. Apart from this second Meeting in Vietnam, the third and the fourth Meetings of APT Preparatory Group for PP-18 are scheduled to be held in Melbourne, Australia and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in June and August, respectively. Besides these three meeting, additional meeting of this Group has been planned to be held in Dubai three days prior to the commencement of the PP-18.

The 2nd meeting held in Hanoi is the next step to discuss ICT main topics, issues raised by APT members to make common proposals. The delegates joined the meeting coming from APT members’ regulators managing telecommunications regulations, communications and IT, MIC’s divisions, Vietnam telecommunications companies.

Overview of the 2nd meeting

As for Vietnam’s commitment, in addition to other activities to support APT and ITU programs, Vietnam also nominated high level officials, who are knowledgeable and experienced, to work in different positions in APT and ITU. Particularly, Mr. Doan Quang Hoan, Director General of Authority of Radio Frequency, who has extensive experiences in radio regulations and spectrum management, was elected to the post of member of the RRB at the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference 2014. He was devotedly fulfill the duties given by the Board and demonstrated the ability to deal with difficulties in a fair, transparent and independent manner.